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Applying for membership

by -Sijuan-, 362 days ago

If you can not see Raid sub forum, or Class forums it means that either you haven't applied to guild web site access, or you aren't logged in. To fix this:

-make sure that you are logged in to Guild Launch account 

-follow "apply to guild" link in left corner, above currently recruiting class list.

-fill in application (just put your in game name, country that you are from and your age.

-inform Elviss or Shou to approve your application 


Check if it worked HERE

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by -Sijuan-, 365 days ago

Frequently asked questions about our dkp system:


-Why we have closed bid system? (Why we don't get to know how much dkp other guys bid?)


Most important reason is to spend as little time as possible for making loot decisions and rather have that time used for clearing some content. When we close bid window, winner and amount of dkp used to win item is announced, and that provide transparency to all of raid members. If you still can't make sense about it, try looking at it this way, do you know what cards other guys have when you play poker? It's exactly the same with closed dkp.


-Why we don't use Loot Council?


Personally, I'm big fan of LC loot system, but I'm well aware that it's kind of a system that is open for different kinds of interpretation, and with that being said those who like to have complains about anything and everything would have valid grounds since LC is highly subjective.


-How do I check my dkp, and how do I bid for items?


To check your dkp status during raid, whisper to Elviss:



To check entire dkp list with all members, visit:

web dkp site

Also, make note that this is only accurate after the raid, when dkp earned in last raid is updated. 


To bid for item that you want, whisper to elvis number of dkp that you want to spend for it, For example:


Make a note that incorrect bids, and bids that arrive after countdown will not be taken into consideration.


-What are the minimum bids?

Minimum bids for BoE t1 pieces (bracers and belts) are 5dkp, for other MC drops (with exception of Ragnaros) minimum bid is 10 dkp, while for items that drop from Onyxia and Ragnaros are 25 dkp.


I guess this sums it up, but if you still have some more questions about this topic, post them below.


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